Korean Glossary

We've included this guide to assist our students in learning the basic Korean terminology that is used in our classes.  

Basic Vocabulary:

Dojang Tae Kwon Do School
Dobok Tae Kwon Do Uniform
Thee Belt
An Nyoung Ha Sim Ni Ka? Hi. How are you?
Gam Sa Ham Ni Da Thank You (Sir)
Joonbi Ready

Joonbi Suh Gi Ready Stance
Joo Choom Suh Gi Horesebackriding Stance
Bar Cha Gi Joonbi Ready For Kicking Stance
Kyo Roo Gi Joonbi Ready For Sparring Stance

Kyoung Rae Bow
Kook Gi Ae Dae Han Kyoung Rae Bow To Flag
Kwan Jang Nim Ke Kyoung Rae Bow To
Grand Master
Sa Bum Nim Ke Kyoung Rae Bow To Master
Jo Kyo Nim Ke Kyoung Rae Bow To Instructor (Assistant)
Sun Bae Nim Ke Kyoung Rae Bow To Senior

Form Name:
Tae Geuk or Pal Gye
IL Form 1
E Form 2
SAM Form 3
SA Form 4
O Form 5
YUK Form 6
CHIL Form 7
PAL Form 8

Counting 1 through 10 :
1 Hana     6 Yosut
2 Dul     7 IL Gop
3 Set     8 Yodul
4 Net     9 Ahop
5 Dasot   10 Yul

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