Benefits of Practicing TaeKwonDo

Overall Benefits
Specific Benefits for Children

Overall Benefits:
TaeKwonDo is an excellent workout. In every class, you will punch with both arms, kick with both feet, and bounce on your toes as you practice sparring moves. The positive effect on your physical health will be seen right away.

After practicing TaeKwonDo for just a few weeks, many people feel calmer and better able to handle matters in their lives with greater clarity and focus.

In Master Kim's dojang, there is also a sense of belonging; our students of all ages care for each other as friends.

For those who enjoy competition, there are many local tournaments that provide the opportunity for all belt levels to test their prowess against other athletes and schools. There are also tournaments in many states across the country.

Students of all ages will experience:
  • Improved muscle tone and appearance
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved confidence
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved agility and reflexes
  • Improved concentration and self-esteem
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Greater discipline
  • The ability to achieve goals
  • Respect for other class members
  • Reduced stress

Our school has a great group of students and a friendly environment; we use encouragement and coaching rather than "drill sergeant" methods. Tournament competition is optional. Come observe a class and see for yourself!

Benefits For Children:
Children can start classes as early as 4 or 5 years old. In terms of physical fitness, coordination is developed as TaeKwonDo helps strenghten both sides of the body as the child learns to kick with both legs and block/punch with both arms. Class workouts start with warm-up runs around the dojang and stretching, followed by physical training to improve techniques. Concentration and focus is improved by studying TaeKwonDo forms, defined sets of body movements.

Local tournaments are an opportunity to meet others in the TaeKwonDo community. Although students are not required to participate, many of Master Kim's students attend these tournaments to cheer for those who compete in forms, sparring, and breaking events. Our dojang is unique in the level of friendship and belonging that develops among our students. Children also benefit from being with others who value education and live by our class morals.

Master Kim's Class Morals
1. Obey and respect your parents.
2. Do your homework.
3. Exercise.
4. Do your best.
5. Practice Self-control.

Many parents worry that their children may become more aggressive if they study a martial art. Our parents have found the opposite result.

One parent of two boys who have taken TaeKwonDo with Master Kim for 4 years says, "I can honestly say that my sons are not aggressive. They began with Master Kim at the ages of 10 and 11; while they enjoy TaeKwonDo very much, they have never 'shown off' at school or used their knowledge to hurt another. I am certain that they would never use their skill except as needed for self-defense."

Self-defense is another excellent reason for children to learn TaeKwonDo. There are many girls at our school, and in addition to getting good exercise, they are learning techniques that can help keep them safe, which of course applies to the boys as well.

Promotion through the belt levels gives each student a sense of accomplishment. As they achieve new goals, they learn that perseverance and dedication pays off. And as students progress in belt levels, they are given the opportunity to lead the class in warm-up exercises and stretching. Ultimately, they can become assistant instructors for forms and training, another way in which TaeKwonDo helps to increase confidence, self-assurance, and leadership.

A child with a sense of pride in his or her abilities, self-respect, and self-esteem earned through the discipline of TaeKwonDo is a child who is fully prepared to get the most out of life.

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